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About Whitethorn Telecom

Based in Skipton and with clients around the UK - Whitethorn Telecom has expertise in all areas of communication with experience going back to the market liberalisation in 1983. We lead the way with complete solutions, from Telephone Systems; Remote Worker; Call Centre; Hosted; Wifi and more.

Whitethorn Telecom specialises in the assessment of your existing systems to keep your company at the cutting edge of business.

In the current difficult financial climate, cost savings are imperative to all businesses, and telecommunications is one of the few areas where prices are being driven down.

Working with both multi-national organisations such as Samsung and Mitel, and smaller, regionally based network companies, we are ideally placed to assist you in optimising the investment in your telecommunications infrastructure.

Our 30 years experience in the world of telecoms enables us to advise business owners like you as to what solutions deliver best value whilst meeting the day to day practical communication needs of your business.

What we find is that business owners are often unaware of technologies that make a noticeable and measurable effect on their operations and bottom line.

A quick 20 minute telephone call is all it takes for us to identify any areas where, from experience, meaningful cost and / or efficiency savings can be made.

Do you wonder just how busy and effective your office staff are?
Do you receive calls on your mobile and wish you could transfer them to the office?
Do you miss messages left at the office because they were written on a post-it note and stuck to your PC screen?
Do you have to deal with increasing legislation around providing flexible working hours for you staff?
Are you a start-up business and want to keep capital outlay to a minimum?

If you have answered yes to any of these, then contact us.

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