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Case Study: Newby Hall


Newby Hall is a stately home in North Yorkshire which is open to the public to view the famous gardens and other attractions. The original stables and other outbuildings have been sympathetically converted to business premises.

The Problem

The telephone system for the Hall and the Estate Office was installed by Whitethorn Telecom. Due to the remoteness of the site however, the incoming lines (ISDN30) were prone to failure and the hall seemed to be regularly 'out of service, awaiting Openreach'.


Internet access for all users at Newby Hall is provided by a 100 Meg Lease Line which is managed by one of Whitethorn Telecom's collaborative business partners, Verus Systems.

After one particular ISDN30 failure, Whitethorn Telecom were able to set up an alternative route for all incoming and outgoing calls within just a few hours. This was achieved by installing internet borne lines (SIP trunks) over the lease line and was so successful that they are still in place, ready for use, should another ISDN failure occur. In such an eventuality, the switchover from one service to the other will be a matter of seconds.


Eleanor Sharp at Newby Estate Office says;

"Since installing the main system at the house, Whitethorn Telecom have continued to come up with new ideas and solutions for us at the Hall, and for several of the businesses occupying offices at Newby Stables on the estate. Both Chris and Jon are marvellous individuals who are readily available to give advice, and always manage to deliver a first class service. They are an easy company to do business with, and I highly recommend them."

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