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Case Study: Principle Healthcare International

Principle Healthcare International acquired some additional premises approximately 150 meters away from the main office on adjoining land. The problem was how to link both properties for data and telephony purposes.

IT Manager Jamie Shoesmith says "A number of companies had suggested linking the offices using 'line-of-sight' technology or leased lines but these seemed both complex and costly. Whitethorn Telecom came up with a simpler plan which was to dig a trench and lay a fibre optic cable for the computers and a multi-pair copper cable for the telephones."

This solution proved to be the most effective both in cost and performance. Jamie continues "The communications to our new offices are effectively just 'added on' to our existing infra-structure with the link between being 'invisible'. We also have enough cores in the fibre such that when we next upgrade our telephone system, we can move easily into the latest VoIP technology."

Principle Healthcare International

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