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Case Study: Quantum Arbiter Ltd

The Problem

Managing Director Les Turnock says;

"Our telephone system had been installed some years ago and was on borrowed time. In addition we were renting out some of our office space and having to handle these companies’ incoming call traffic which was time consuming.

We had also acquired premises for my colleague Andy, who had relocated to Cheshire but was to continue in employment with us. We had envisaged communicating with him via a landline and his mobile which we knew might prove expensive and there was also no way of monitoring his activity.”

The Solution

Whitethorn Telecom upgraded the incoming lines to digital (ISDN) and installed a Samsung Telephone System which immediately improved the speech quality. One of the features associated with ISDN lines is Direct Dial In (DDI) which enabled the companies renting out the office space to have their own numbers. This meant that QAL staff did not have to handle their calls, and if they were out, these calls were diverted into the system’s voice mail facility.

The Outcome

Les continues;

"One of the added bonuses of ISDN is the Calling Line Identity (CLI) which enables us to see who the caller is on the telephone handset display. We can now filter out 'nuisance calls' and divert them straight to voice mail".

For the Cheshire office, Whitethorn Telecom installed an IP phone which is connected directly to the system via the office broadband. All calls between the offices are free and calls can be transferred at the press of a button.

The handset in the Wincham office operates as if it were in the office next door! I can see when Andy is on the phone and can even page him through the telephone handset. In addition, as Andy’s calls go via the system here in Skipton, I can monitor his activity and have no additional admin to worry about with regard to that office’s telephone calls".

Quantum Arbiter Ltd

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