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Case Study: Stanforth Butchers

Managing Director Robert Hart says "We have a shop on the High Street and an office and processing plant at the Auction Mart. Our telephones up at the Auction Mart were connected to another company's system, and when this company moved it exposed the fact that we were completely beholden to them should any issues arise with our telecommunications. In addition, a lot of our regular customers are Restaurants and Hotels from all over the Dales who place their orders on us overnight once their kitchens are shut. These orders were left as messages on an old residential answerphone and were of poor audio quality."

Whitethorn Telecom proposed a 'Hosted' solution where the incoming lines are effectively brought in on the broadband circuit, and connected to the handsets via a small data switch. There is therefore no system hardware on site that requires an expensive maintenance contract. Orders are left on a voice mail system which sends an email to the office PC with the order message attached. The message is recorded digitally so it is of excellent, and consistent, quality. The message can also be sent as an email to the shop’s PC if need be.

Stanforth Butchers

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